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We did it!!


What better way to kick off NYC Pride Weekend other than New York State passing the Marriage Equality Act!? 

I. LOVE. NEW. YORK.  I love you, New York.  Keep on being awesome.  Now, everybody go make out with each other.


Mermaids at Coney Island!

Ahoy! I have seen many mermaids at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade!  And, by mermaids, I mean lots of girls wearing seashell pasties! No one is complaining!!  Hooray!

I've wanted to go to the Mermaid Parade for years, but was never in the right place or the right time until this year, when magic happened and not only do I live on a convenient subway line to Coney Island, but my hot, sassy Argentinian sister friends would also be present for this glorious occasion!  Friends, Nathan's 32oz beers, and ladies in wigs and sequins--what more could anyone ask for!?

I took approximately FOUR BILLION pictures, but here are some of my favorites--enjoy! 


I have all my photos from the Mermaid Parade up on my Flickr! It was super fun this year and I hope to return next year (but with a little less sunburn, haha!).




Highs and Lows, and New Beginnings!


It is JUNE (I almost typed "JOON," but that is funny probably only to me, and the little pupster up there), and we are almost halfway through the year.  Holy hell, how time has flown!  So much has changed for me this year, and I put my foot down (to myself) this weekend and decided that I super miss my blogging community, and I am determined to be more active like I was before I made the move to New York.  Hold me to it, readers!!  You'll hear from me twice a week at least.  I have a lot planned for this little blog o' mine!

Most of you are here for the art updates, of which there will certainly be plenty, I promise!!  But, if you're nosy like me, there is a lot more to me than my job, and I hope you'll go on some other adventures with me, that I'm gearing up to start documenting here on the blog!

In the works is:

+ Confessions of a Still Maybe Kinda Goth: For those that know me, I dress in black, and have dressed in all black since I was probably ten years old.  It really isn't because I'm "goth" or whatever mainstream term indicates...I just really like wearing black!!  However, I'm realizing that I don't want to seem like I'm "in mourning" all the time, so I'm going to try to at least document some forays into wearing other colors, as well as prove that, as a plus-sized lady, we can also have tons of style!!  IT DOESN'T STOP AT SIZE SIX, AMERICA.  I already have the first couple planned, and the pictures are sort of hilarious.  I can't wait to share!

+ Food Adventures--The Best Kind of Adventure: I LOVE FOOD.  Now that I'm in New York, I eat out all the time, and have managed to find some awesome places to eat that I'd love to share with you all.  However, this also means that I do not cook very often.  At all.  I've never been more than an oatmeal in the morning type girl.  Even making coffee in the morning is sometimes confusing (granted, it is the morning, and it is a French Press, so I deserve a little break, right??).  BUT! I have resolved to start cooking more, and by "cooking" I do mean more than peanut butter toast.  My first cooking adventure was Korean Zucchini pancakes, and when I blog about it, I'll let you be the judge if it was a success, or a fail.  I'm still undecided!

+ Internet Treasure: My good friend Annie and I have been traveling to comic cons together for almost seven years (holy shit), and we joke about how, before the days of tumblr and pinterest, we each had a folder on our harddrive labeled "Fun."  In our fun folders was just collections of all the internet GOLD we'd stumble upon online.  So, every Friday, I'll unleash all the useless internet stuff I've collected over the past ten years--animated GIFs, songs I like, videos I like, anything, really.  I hope you all find something to put in your fun folders, too!! (If you're ancient like me, you STILL have a fun folder, ahaha)

I think these posts are all super fun, and what I like to read about on all the blogs that I love! I'll still regularly blog about what's happening with me in the art world.  In fact, here are some things I've been working on:


We are just dipping our toes into Fall/Winter of 2012, so things are just starting to get busy again.  However, with the way my life goes, when am I ever not running around like my ass is on fire??  

To add more to my plate, I received an amazing moleskine notebook from Kevin at The Robot, Monster and Ghost Co, and I've been doing some pen and ink happy drawings in it whenever I can spare the chance.  Here are the first two pages--as I'll add more, they can be found in the "doodles" section of my gallery!

I finally got around to painting an accent wall in my apartment, in the living room, which I've been meaning to do for, oh, two months. >.<  I'm not totally ready for THE BIG REVEAL, but here is a little shot of my new favorite corner:

Yellow is one of my favorite colors!  Joon seem satisfied.  Ah, the more I look at this room, the more apparent my old lady grandma preferences become.

Speaking of grandparents, it is on to some of the lows of the past couple of weeks, starting with the death of my last grandparent, my grandfather Carl Henry Winter.  It was incredibly sad to lose him, and two days before my birthday, no less.  We had a funeral for him on Long Island, and he was buried with my grandmother who passed when I was thirteen years old.  He was a remarkable man who lived for ninety-five long, awesome years!!  I will always remember going to his house as a youngster to play in the basement with hammers and nails in his workshop (looking back on this--notttt the safest, ahaha), and coming back home to NC as an adult and cutting his hair (what was left of it!) at the kitchen table.  

This was the last card I ever received from him, that I found when I was moving.  It sums him up kind of perfectly--this was right after I had taken the leap to go freelance last year:

"Go get them," so cute, right??  The last time I saw him was right after I moved to New York, and he was so, so happy that I was doing what I wanted, and "making a name for myself," as he put it.  I hope I do him proud!

Going to run for now, but I'll be back this week with another blog!  I've gotta "go get them" he he he!!


I will make no reference to red fruits that are large in size

Ah. The glory of home internet.  I won't go into the details of my agonizing procedures and phone calls and correspondence with my ISP and the UPS (LOTS OF ACRONYMSSS), but it has taken me weeks to finally get internet in my home, and I'm finally finally able to update the ol' blog here.  I've had a lot of adventures!

The best news is that I have reunited with Joon. <3 <3 <3

Oh, this little love of mine.  Having her with me again is like being a whole person again.  A whole, crazy, dog-obsessed person.  She's gotten pretty used to her new digs here in Brooklyn.

I have since gotten curtains.  Also, that couch over there weighs seriously four thousand pounds, and it wouldn't fit in the elevator.  I accosted two friends into carrying it with me up the stairs.  To the sixth floor. It was on the top five worst things I have ever done in my life.  If I ever move, I am having people move my stuff for me, or whoever moves in is getting a free sofabed--I'm not effin' around with that thing anymore.  I recently got some furniture delivered, and hopefully it'll be assembled by the next time I post, and I can show you all my new place, once it's nice and shiny. 

I had to go back to Atlanta to gather all my things.  It was a bittersweet occasion!  One last look into my first real "home":

Ah, just looking at that makes me a little teary.  Also, these:

1) Pulled Pork Sandwich and Fried Okra from the Local, and 2) Willys Pork Burrito with Corn Salsa and Sweet Tea Lemonade.  I am salivating right now.

Anyway.  So, what have I been doing?  I've been working an awful lot, in between fighting with phone companies and getting delivery food and trying to make an apartment into a home.  Oshkosh has been a great experience thus far, and I've learned an awful lot, made a lot of mistakes, and do something good every now and again.  I work with an amazing team.  I go home happy.  Some things I've done are in my new "apparel" gallery, but here's a little peek at what I've been doing over there:

You can see more in my gallery!  I've added a bunch of new things. 

I've also been doing a little bit of freelance work here and there.  Recently, a past client of mine asked for help on some wedding invitations, and the design was so awesome that I couldn't say no.  What can I say?  I love drawing cute animals:

Another marvelous perk is meeting up with some old school pals.  I eat lunch with John fairly often.  And on a particularly fabulous day, we were joined by Liz.

I have talked up Liz here dozens of times, and I will continue to reiterate that she is one of the most amazing illustrators I have the pleasure of calling my friend.  She's also possibly the funniest person I know, and her work is so reflective of her personality, it's mind-blowing. 

I also had a long Easter weekend, to do the thing that I had wanted the most: absolutely nothing. And also eat some meals.  And drink some coffee.

So, I did.

How the hell is everyone?? I promise, now that I have left the dark ages have home internet, I will update more often.  I miss my bloggin' community!!!


Hello, from New York! Good-bye, Atlanta! 

Holy cow, it's been awhile friends!

Since I last piped up here, I have been living in my uncle's basement (oh boy) in Long Island (oh boy x 2), started work at Oshkosh B'gosh, signed a lease on an apartment in Brooklyn, and reunited with my incredible friends and network here in New York.  It has been nothing but an absolute blast, a total adventure since I've been back here.  As cheesy as it sounds, it's a little magical in feeling--I smile a lot more everyday.

Oshkosh has been keeping me pretty busy!  Here are a few photos of interest:

This!  This is where I sit behind this giant monitor where no one can see me and vice versa.  

This is Lucas the dog, who occasionally comes to work and delights me with the little click-clicking of his nails on the floor as I tear my hear out over graphics.  Also tearing my heart out because I have been away from Joon for more than five weeks, oh god, I can't even think about that, moving on.

A real "screenshot," ahahha.  Just doing some Valentine's Day graphics.

Other than that, it's been great to reunite with old friends! My dear friend David has taken me back to THE BEST PLACE IN CHINATOWN.  BEHOLD:


I also was finally able to see my friend Jacob's band, Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! play in the lower east side for their CD release show, and it was a fun and amazing night.  Their album is fantastic and catchy and has some meat to it and they have some samples and video on their website if you'd like to check them out.

There's been so much to do and see, and it seems to never slow down--just the way I like it!

I'll be honest--I miss Atlanta with all my heart!  It was the first place I really, really felt I could call a home for myself, and I will miss my friends and neighbors there something fierce.  It couldn't have felt like home without all of you cheering me on and being so incredibly supportive.  I'll be back the 26th to the 30th to tie up loose ends / sell everything I own / move the heck out, so if any of you are in town, please, please get in touch with me--I want to see all your beautiful faces!! I love you, my Atlanta darlings!!


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