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Snow Whites and Rose Reds

Another children's book for Jackson Fish Market is underway.  This is the weirdest version of Snow White and Rose Red that I have ever read, but here's the characters for now that I'm sending to them for review and edits.  Soon, it'll be storyboard and tight roughs time, and it'll be 5th quarter all over again.  Joy.

In other brilliant news, Tania made me a Michael Jackson bracelet, of which upon receipt, I almost came.  


Cloudy Days

Well, 6th quarter is over and I'm just happy it's done with.  My critique lasted maybe 8 minutes, and I went out with Gary for pizza later on.  He really liked some of my character development.

I'll post more work this week, but here's some clouds I did for my final for Gary's plein air painting class.  It was taken with my cell phone so it's obviously not the best quality, but I worked my ass off on it, so here's some work in progress, which is the point of this blog anyway, I suppose.

I'm headed back to North Carolina to see my parents for a week or maybe a little more.  They need a vacation and I need to stay inside and avoid the daystar aka the sun, so it works out for both of us.  I just had a pretty stressful weekend in New Jersey for a work-related trip, and I'm ready to wind down for a little bit.


Critique is in  a mere couple weeks, and I'm so highly unmotivated and I'm finding it hard to do much of anything for more than ten or twenty minutes at a time.

Today, for instance, I was shuffling back and forth between a gouache painting, character development, photoshop dabblings, Flash mastering, and preparing final pieces for presentation at crit.  My arms and legs are wiggly spaghetti.  Even now I'm attempting to get my writings together for final to send tomorrow to Claire while blogging (obviously) and watching this Leonard Cohen documentary that Dante lent me that I'm starting to believe is actually...Bono's take on Leonard Cohen.  Which is unfortunate, because when I see Bono I want to punch him in his sunglassed-for-no-reason face and when I see Leonard Cohen I want to hug him and somehow absorb all his talent.

Anyway, here's a sketch I did of Lynette, another student at PC, who is graduating next quarter.  I graduate in a mere two more quarters, and just the thought of that makes my sphincter tighten, so I'm gonna skip over that conversation for now.  


Coffee + Blog = What?

So, I have a blog now.

For the launch of the upcoming beautiful website that I will create...soon...I wanted a place to host a special blog / sketchbook section.  I carry one everywhere with me, and I'll just be scanning some stuff in, some thoughts.  

Some will be about the industry and how it's gonna suck once I get out of here and figure out where the hell me and the pooch are going to live.  Some will be about what's going on in my life, and how it's affecting my art (which is almost always).

For most that know me, they know I'm a pretty sensitive human being, but I'm not very emotional, so don't expect bouts of teary emotional word vomit on here.  Mostly just art, a bit of rage, and bit of ramble.

Current projects include:
- Usual Portfolio Center courseload that includes Plain Air Painting, Emotive Writing, Flash, etc.
- Future Lions (Jesus, this is the motherload)
- Mexican Luchadore Kool-Aid Pickles (I'll explain later)
- Making aforementioned website
- Some upcoming convention appearances (AZ in Raleigh, NC, Ota in Baltimore, MD)

In personal news, it's 2:30am, I've had an allergic reaction to ant bites, and I just popped 3 benedryl.  Let's see what happens.

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