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Networking for Artists: it's not what you think!


In the past week or so I've had four different people ask me about networking, a seemingly daunting and difficult task, and if I had any advice or thoughts on the matter. I am in no way an expert on this, but I know that, based on my experience and general scores of others in the creative field, there are a lot of myths associated with what "networking" actually is to begin with.

Networking Myth #1: Networking is with people you don't know
Untrue! It is rare you will ever find yourself in a room full of people you don't know and expected to thrust your business card at them or something equally weird and awkward. For me, it started with the people in my quarter at Porfolio Center. There were about 10-12 of us, of all different disciplines, but there were only 2 illustrators (me and Liz Haywood) and everyone else was an art director or a designer or a writer.

While in school, one of my classmates would need illustration work for an ad or project they were working on. I was a hard worker (sometimes to a fault--lots of overnights in the illustration room with the dog are in my memory) and one of the only illustrators who actually completed their projects on time and basically tried to make everyone happy without going crazy with the workload. So, I suppose naturally I was picked often to help them with their projects.

(Me and a classmate of mine, 2008. Really seeing the breadth of questionable hair choices in this throwback post.)

Because of this, I would, in the future, be called to work with them for projects for their jobs post-college. I would also get calls or e-mails to help out on projects from former instructors and teachers from the school as well whose real-life jobs demanded illustration work or technical sketches or whatever. You never really know how your skills could be of use. And then, when successfully completing a project, their work colleagues would recommend me to others, and I would get more work that way as well.

Be friendly to EVERYONE and let everyone know that you are an illustrator (or whatever creative type you are). However, this leads me to:

Networking Myth #2: Networking is trying to sell yourself to the highest bidder.
This doesn't mean automatically running off your hourly rate and trying to sell yourself. Opportunities arise in the least likely of places, and it's better to have more friends than enemies! One example of this for me is that I used to go to one particular art supply store in Atlanta, and I just happened to make friends with the manager of the store by asking him for help with various school projects; I had never been to art school before so I didn't know what half the crap on the supplies list even WAS let alone which products would be best to suit my needs.

Two years down the road, that manager ended up quitting the store and opening his own art gallery in-town! Because of our friendship, when he had a gallery show of Atlanta illustrators, he asked me to be part of the show! So, if I hadn't asked some random dude in the art supply store about, like, matte finish spray or something equally weird, I would have never been able to have the experience of being in a gallery. He had never even really seen my work before the gallery, either, so it was really just because I happened to be friendly to him that I gained such a great opportunity.

(At that fated gallery opening! With my former teacher and a classmate!!)

On another note—because of this same gallery owner, I found out and was able to interview for a job through his friend who worked in apparel in New York City. That friend happens to be my current boss!! Crazy! Everyone talks about two kinds of people—people who are especialy terrible OR people who are especially nice. You never know who knows whom, so it works in your favor just to be friendly to everyone you meet!

3. Networking Myth #3: All networking is done in person in a schmoozy environment
Also untrue! Look, I don't even like answering the phone—the thought of going up to people and introducing myself gives me nausea. Never fear—that's what the internet is for!!

(This is me right now, writing this blog. Networking. I only am showing you this because you know I love you guys.)

Especially during my time as a freelancer in Atlanta, I spent a bulk of time on my blog, or on twitter, or on my facebook page, making sure I had a fairly transparent and fun presence which attracted all sort of attention that I wouldn't have been able to get locally! (ALSO, this is where your friends come in, because if they also have an online presence, having something online for them to link back to if they are needing your services is a big plus!)

It is also a great way to make other artist friends, and to learn valuable skills watching how they interact online with their individual markets—Atlanta illustrator San Smith and I met first on twitter, and then in person, and we are now very good friends online and offline! <3 <3 San has an amazingly loyal online following and I believe the bulk of it is because not only does she have talent and strong work ethic, but she is also has a great personality that she projects online as well!

Similarly, I was approached by Atticus of Evil Supply Co first online through twitter of all places, to work on a project for him. We haven't met each other in person (yet!) but we were still able to maintain a professional working relationship through the internet, and the project I did for him remains one of the most fun things I've ever had the pleasure of working on. AMAZING.

Something I have talked with often about with other people in the creative field is how, when people are looking to hire, they are obviously looking for someone with reasonable talent, but moreso I feel like, in my experience, I have landed work because I am friendly and easy to work with. The work / job is something that can improve or develop more distinctly with more time and instruction; however, if someone is a jerk, they more or less stay a jerk. :( Who wants to hire a person who may be talented, but also a pain in the ass to work with?

This partly runs into:

4. Networking Myth #4: Social networking will do all the work for you

This is something I heard for multiple people when I put a call out on my tumblr for questions about networking. Something along the lines of: “Well, I have a twitter, and a tumblr, and a facebook page, but I haven't seen any more traffic or more work...what gives!?”

Online social networking is more about displaying both yourself and your work. The bulk of everybody's twitter and blogs that I went through that asked me questions like this one, their twitter was just a wall of ads for their etsy store, or just blogs about how they're looking for work; it was like looking at resumes, but in blog form! Blech!

A successful online presence also shows the person that you are—your personality! What you like and don't like, what influences you, what you did last Sunday, what other authors / artists / images you like. It goes back to what I was saying about people not wanting to hire jerks—people like authenticity and personability. Think about the blogs that you really enjoy—it's never just their finished work or their art that you like; it's usually something about the artist themselves that keeps them on your blog feed. I think that, especially in America, we have a general curiosity about what's “behind the scenes.”

I'm not saying that you have to be completely transparent online—that could lead to some trouble! But the more of you we see, as opposed to just your work, the more relatable you are and your audience will feel like they know you better, and want to come back to see what you're up to.

(Who's that hunchback looking down and talking to no one at her artist alley table!? Thank god for my online presence, that's for damn sure.)

5. Networking Myth #5: This is too hard because I'm a stereotypical anti-social, introverted artist
Aw man, guys. This one is a biggie.

It doesn't take an extrovert to be nice to someone you are working with or are meeting, online or offline. It doesn't take a social butterfly to be able to communicate with others about your work on a project. It is not going to kill you to update a blog with some in-progress photos of something you are working on that you're really proud of.

What I'm getting at is—you can do it, and are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Reading your questions on tumblr, it just kills me that some of you are so attached to this idea of being awkward or weird around other artists or clients or anybody, really, that you don't see the truth of the matter which is that EVERYBODY is awkward and weird. I think it's more about being comfortable with that fact that makes you a stronger candidate for any job or position.

Mostly, I think it's easy to think you should give up on networking just because you don't have an extroverted personality. I think it's easy to say “it doesn't work,” when you haven't really given it a shot. I think it's harder to take a good hard look at what you are capable of and do what needs to be done to make sure that you are making a good representation of yourself.

As stated before, no one is going to do this for you. Networking is WORK, although sometimes not the kind of work you think it is. Mostly I think it's making sure that the information and image you put out into the world about yourself is authentic and genuine. You are 100% capable of doing that—but you must commit to it, and be ever-persistent. People aren't going to notice you overnight. But, if you are diligent, and you work hard, and you are friendly, people WILL take notice. How could they not?

(Circa 2008, being an artist or something.)

I'm not the most talented illustrator in the world. But, I am a workhorse, I am passionate about my work, and I am nice to everyone I meet and work with. I've maintained a blog fairly consistently for years now, and have had some amazing opportunities come my way because of it. People have taken notice, and I have become a better artist because of it. I hope some of this helps you, and thank you everyone who left me questions on my twitter or tumblr regarding this topic!!


The bummy time of year, made better by awesome people

My internet-friends, I must say that around this time of year, when summer is in its 7th month of existence here in the South, aka the armpit of the Daystar, is when I start to get a little blue.  I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty positive the heat has something to do with it, as well as the available work this time of year--or lack thereof.  Around August - November, there is usually a dry spell of freelance work, at least in my experience, and it is sad to open my fridge and see half a loaf of bread and condiments in there.  And that's it.

However, speaking of condiments:

I'm working on some cute, adorable food-centric designs for a future collaborative effort of me and Sarah of Bennyville.  We have some surprises in store that are forthcoming, and I hope you guys will be as excited as I am about it.  Personal projects are really keeping my spirits up in a time when work-work has been scarce.  However, I AM NOT A STRANGER TO THESE TIMES, and like Tim Gunn says, I GOTTA MAKE IT WORK.

And because I don't have much else that I can show you right now, I would like to introduce you to some of my fellow friends in the creative field who are making it work.

Because I forced him to, fellow twew fwend and illustrator Mike Schwalm has finally started a blog, Imagineering or Die, about his journey to fulfill his long-time dream of becoming a theme park designer.  Not only is his imagination depthless and incredible, his craft is impeccable and he will carry out projects with speed and quality that blow your face off.  His perspective is really fresh and different than a lot of creative people I know. 

So, I have been talking with Evil Overlord Kevin, Creative Director of The Robot, Monster & Ghost Co., a Chicago-based boutique design firm who warms my heart with their enthusiasm to work with illustrators to make clients' dreams come true.  We have some plans for the upcoming months, which I'll let you in on as the time approaches, but please do check out the work and strong point of view.  I'm not sure how Kevin found me (THE POWER OF THE INTERNET!?), but I'm very glad he did.  We have future plans of tattoos.

Liz Haywood is an amazing designer/illustrator (designistrator) who has more ideas and creative energy than 10 of the best creative people out there combined.  I'm constantly blown away by her work.  She is thoughtful, and articulate, and just fucking nails it, every single time.  I don't even think she realizes how good she is, which makes working with her (or around her, or next to her) the biggest joy of all.  She specializes in illustrated type and an amazing knack for color and character development.  She finally has a place online to view her work (that isn't facebook) so please check her out; her paintings are also phenomenal, and most of them are just on cardboard.  I CANNOT GET OVER YOU, LIZ.


So, there are a few of the recent gems of my heart, and I hope that you all leave them feedback or follow them or whatever these goshdarn internets are for.  For anyone else who is going through the summer-never-ends blues, hang in there, kiddos!  It'll be fall before you know it.  And when it is, I can break out my SUPERIOR FALL/WINTER WARDROBE!! <3 <3  (It involves a lot of scarves, colored tights, and hats.)



I wanted to first start off this post by saying thank you so much to everyone who replied to my previous post about my upcoming eye surgery.  I really appreciate everybody's support!  I was just commenting on my twitter today about how I am enjoying working for myself at home, but that it does get a bit lonely sometimes, just me and Joon in the house!  Luckily, this week I've been able to get out of the house a little more, and for little to no money, even better!! Thanks to Scoutmob.com, I got to try Tom Colicchio's restaurant, and thanks to Project Runway and fantastic friends, my Thursday nights are now booked with funtimes (at least until the season is over, ahahah)! 

Saving my pennies has been particularly important this month because on Saturday I am headed to California for nine whole days!  HOLY CRAP THAT IS MORE THAN A WEEK OF VACAY, INTERNET-FRIENDS!!  I could have never taken this much time off from work if I was still at a job, and I'm so glad that I can spend time with my California-friend who lives in Sacramento and who I haven't seen in over a year!  We have plans to eat lots of bad stuff for us!  And go to many theme parks!  And spend lots of time in San Francisco!  And, and, and I am feeling very fortunate and happy at this moment, for having such great friends who actually want to hang out with me for that long a period of time!  OH HO HO, I WONDER IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO, CALIFORNIA-FRIEND!?!

So, in between packing 2309402398423 times for this trip and getting my house in order so the people who are house-sitting for me don't think I'm a total disgusting slobberific gross-face, I have indeed been workin' my ass off.  Here's some in-progress:


I'm working on an iPhone app that's in development.  I'm hoping to have all the artwork shipped in the next two weeks, eek!  But, cupcakes are involved, so at least it's enjoyable!  The research part was the best. <3


Getting ready for my webcomic's launch in October!  I had fun making faces in my mirror and fleshing out my characters a little more!  There was never a better use for Photobooth (besides pretending you're on a rollercoaster, duh!!!).  I've realized that I've always had a hard time drawing men as opposed to the ladies.  GOOD THING MY COMIC'S MAINLY ABOUT FIVE DUDES, WHOPS. ;____;

Also, my first week and a half on etsy has been a dream come true!  I was so nervous about opening a shop and having to maintain it and just getting it UP AND RUNNING brought a lot of unexpected twists, turns,  and time commitment, but I really think I'm getting the hang of it and I've gotten many sales already!  So, thanks everybody who has been promoting my shop and me in general--I really truly appreciate it!  Working from home is a challenge, but hopefully will keep getting easier and easier as I get the hang of it.  I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE, INTERNET-LAND.

Anyway, just wanted to let everybody know that I'm still workin' like a fiend, and I probably won't be updating until I get back from my vacation!  I'll talk to you guys then!





Etsy Store...ACTIVATED!!!

I've been workin' like an idiot trying to get this Etsy store open, but HERE IS IT, INTERNET-FRIENDS.

 Oh, man, I had no idea how hard it is to get everything together, get photos in order, shop policies--my head is a big pile of mushy mush.  But!  I am glad to be able to provide an easy way for y'all to order prints and artwork and goods from me.  I'm a huge fan of Etsy, and I've had my account there for some time now (as a buyer) but I haven't been able to get a shop up until now.  I'll be making some more prints to sell soon--this is all a new process to me, and thank god Etsy's been more than helpful and informative with all my questions and troubles.  NOW TO SIT BACK AND WATCH THE ORDERS ROLL IN (pipedreams). 

Like it says on my Etsy site, I also am happy to do any commission work from you.  I did eight (!!!) drawings / paintings over the weekend in commissioned work, so I can work fairly quickly but promise the highest quality to my best of ability!  I use archival materials (and print on archival paper, for digital commissions).  Maybe I can draw something for you?  Feel free to contact me with any questions!  I'll probably get some sort of commissioning guidelines / pricing chart up by next blog post.  I feel like I just worked all day on this etsy thing (because...I guess I did >.<), and I need to go eat some dinner and organize my selling supplies!

An ending note--thanks again, everybody, for all the support.  IT IS LIKE LIVING A DREAM, TO HAVE THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF YOU, INTERNET-FRIENDS.  LESS THAN THREES TO YOU ALL.

ETA: JEEPERS, INTERNET-LAND.  Not 2 minutes after I pressed "post entry" I have already made my first sale on Etsy!  INTERNET, YOU ARE A FAST-MOVER!!!  Thanks, guys!!!


A studio post

I got some questions on my tumblr and other internet nooks that I frequent about my studio space, and I thought I'd share some photos and talk a little bit about my "studio."  Studio meaning, that room in my house where I make arts happen.  If you were anticipating something Disney-esque, GRAVELY MISTAKEN does not even begin to describe.

Well, let's start with my drawing desk, which was donated graciously to me by Gary after the flood.  This is where I start to lose my mind / thoughts of artistic suicide begin.  The Daystar was bright as hell this morning, and burning my recluse-skin pretty hard.  For now, I've blurred out my pieces for the show, but I promise within the next week I'll give y'all an update about that.

Next to my desk are thousands of dollars of wasted money art supplies.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Because of the recent getting-laid-off thing, I actually rearranged everything and scrubbed the floors (BY HAND, LIKE, CINDERELLA-STYLE, Y'ALL) and I promise you that in a week I won't remember how I organized, like, 90% of this stuff.  And it probably won't matter because it'll all be a mess by then, anyway.

Across the way (read: 3 steps to the right) is my computer desk.  I learned the beauty of dual-screen action at work, and looking at one screen is almost foreign now.  I keep 2 bottles of 100 pills of Advil on my desk because MY HEAD ALWAYS HURTS FROM LOOKING AT THESE TWO SCREENS.  Also, I'd like to point out that my mother sent me the same Christmas card two years in a row and that kind of sums up the kind of awesome lady she is.

And behind my desk I keep some old sketches / paintings of mine that I like (usually color palettes or line quality or something to remind me that SOMETIMES I DO GOOD THINGS) and artwork from friends / inspirations that remind me to get off my ass and work.  There is also that giant paperweight printer.  Gotta get that working again.  It basically crapped out right before I was about to head out to Animazement.  WONDERFUL TIMING, AS ALWAYS, LIFE.

And there you have it.  Not much to it, like I said, but this is basically where I'm going to hideout for the next month and a half.  I've gotten some really sweet e-mails and replies from many of you, and I appreciate them all.  BUT NEVER FEAR.  I've no time to slow down--it's all full-speed ahead from here!