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'Tis the season...

For those that don't know, October is my favorite month! Not only does it contain Halloween THE BEST HOLIDAY OF ALL TIME, it's usually when the weather is fall-like and beautiful, everything suddenly becomes delicious and pumpkin flavred, and many important friends and family members celebrate birthdays this month, which means lots of parties and celebrations. I LOVE YOU OCTOBER, WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

So, in celebration of my love of the season, if you've been tracking my tumblr, I've been making a lot of fun Halloween doodles and paintings which, with the sweet coaxing of friends, I've made available as pretty greeting cards, sold individually or as a 5-pack set on my etsy!

You guys, everything here is so cute, I would not even do something like this if I didn't think you'd absolutely love it like I do. Polka-dot envelopes. Stickers. All for you to hopefully brighten someone's day this season with these little babes. All the cards are blank inside, so they could even go beyond Halloween, if you're like me and celebrate Halloween basically all year round.

Anyway, I hate promoting myself so much, but it's my obligation I suppose as a person-who-has-things-to-sell to make a post about it. Thanks always for your support of me--it's been a difficult time, as you all know, and it's been such a life-affirming thing to read all your messages of good forture and thoughts for me these past couple of months.

Much love,



The monsters have left my house and THE GIVEAWAY COMETH.


Today, friends, I said some sad farewells to my little creations and put them in the hands of the wonderful Kai Lin Art gallery for safe-keeping, and by safe-keeping, I mean to hang.  Freshly varnished prior to delivery, my house smells like a garage and myself and my dog may possible be high as kites right now, but at any rate, OH, MY GOD, THE SHOW IS NEXT WEEK, THIS IS HAPPENING REALLY FAST, AGH, AGH, OH, OH, MY GOD.  I am a simultaneously excited and terrified.  While I get ahold of myself, here are some professional cellular telephone photographs:

BUT NOW IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES WHEN I MUST REJECT MY EMOTIONAL RESPONSES PUSH ON, and I have so much more to get done by the end of this month.  The past week has been pretty intense and chaotic, and, from the looks of it, will continue to exist in this manner at least through August.

All I will say is that the saying "something better is always around the bend," is actually proving itself to be true!  It's not always a load of horseshit false!  EVEN THOUGH I HAVE REQUIRED A PHOENIX DOWN FROM TIME TO TIME, KATIE LEE GROSSKOPF HAS JUST LVL'D UP.  (If you understand that last sentence, I truly am thankful for your presence in this world)  Everything, lately, seems to be coming up Katie, and I credit much of it to your support and encouragement! And, because I love you all so much, I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE BACK TO YOU.

This weekend, I am working SUPER HARD to prepare for this blog's very first giveaway.  I AM GIVING THINGS AWAY, INTERNET-FRIENDS.  And not just things like in your elementary school goodie bags you got from parties (ie: pencil with "happy birthday" design on it with eraser that does not actually erase and so said pencil has stayed unsharpened for 17 years) but I am giving away five free prints of the pieces in the "I'm in love with your monster" series of paintings that are smelling up waiting in the gallery to be shown on Friday to the general public.  This, of course, requires some participation on your part, but IT IS NOT HARD.  So easy, internet-land, that my little dog (as adorable as she may be, she is the most intelligent of life) could probably win this giveaway.

I'm announcing what to do when I blog on Monday morning!  It's a first-come-and-do-what-I-say, first-served, so please head over to seekatiedraw.com on Monday morning AND YOU MAY POSSIBLY WIN THE GIVEAWAY.

GOOD LUCK, INTERNET-LAND.  Prepare for my post on Monday!  Thank you for supporting the hell out of me--I truly appreciate all your e-mails and follows on all 2309842098423089243 social media sites I frequent!  INTERNET-LAND, YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO ME.




Oh, internet-land, I am so happy to announce the launch of my new ultra-fantastic website, programmed and designed by Orange Umbrella, who were ultra-professional and took great care to cater to my every psychotic, control-freakish wish to ensure my great happiness and satisfaction!  I AM AN ADULT NOW, Y/Y!?!

 In spite of my growing giddy nature about my big, shiny new website, I've got to simmer down, because I have got myself on apartment lock-down 2010, and I will not emerge (except for doggie let-outs) until I have all my pieces completed, built, and ready for presentation to hang on July 8th.  So, while I get back to that, here are some more in-progress shots:





Joon is supervising as she attempts to take cover under my leg from the fireworks:


Also, I have been working on some patterns for some SEKRIT PROJECKZ.  They are up in my children's art and patterns gallery. Where you may ask?  ON MY SUPER NEW WEBSITE.  I'm updating as I go, but here are some of my initial pattern ideas.  I've graciously been offered some help with color from my good friend Ivy Rose Mcleod (who I wish had a website, but here is her flickr account for you to peruse), and I'll be continuing pattern work in my downtime.  Whenever that is.

Here's a preview of those--go to my new site for more!



Can't wait to show you guys more as it comes around!


My Life is a Monster

The flyer for my show is out today, featuring artwork of the talented Dante DeStefano!  Now that I see it, it definitely feels ULTRA-REAL AND SIMULTANEOUSLY HORRIFYING AND EXCITING.  Please, if you are local and can make it out to see this show of epic proportions, I encourage you to do so!  It's being sponsored by Svedka Vodka and there is also an after party at the Halo Lounge down the street!

Taking a moment out of a crazy couple of weeks to share some in-progress pics with you all!  I only have a cell phone camera for right now, so the quality is just so-so.  Plus, the light today was not as bright as it usually is in the morning times, but you get the idea, right?

I enjoy painting on wood, and I've had a mini-lesson in building my own frames to back my paintings from the wonderful Richard Russell.  Also, for you local folks, Highland Woodworking helped me so, so much with materials and tools I needed to make my art presentable and beautiful, even before I painted anything; it's so wonderful to go to a shop where people truly care about what they sell and truly care about your projects (and your budget).

Also, I used a circular saw for the first time this week, and decided that I don't much care for using tools where the power is not my own!  D:  I've been hand-sawing and hand-sanding my frames, which I'm much more comfortable with.

The piece on the left is 95% done!  I mounted it on the frame yesterday and I'm sanding it down and adding some texture and poly coating tonight.  EXCITING.  Getting a few pieces totally done has boosted my morale tenfold.

Fellow art-maker Sarah Jane Sapang (whose blog / shop are both wonderful, if you have not taken a look, please do yourself a favor and do so!) pointed me in the direction of an etsy blog called "Quit Your Day Job," which interviews people who, because of their popularity and success on Etsy, have been able to quit their day jobs and work full-time for themselves!  Considering my current situation, this has ultimately put me in SUPER-INSPIRED-AND-MOTIVATED mode.  I have a morbid and insatiable curiosity to 1) see other people's studio spaces and 2) know what each artist's typical day is like when they work for themselves!

Also, I opened my formspring.me account again, so you can always feel free to ask me anything there!
Also^2, I am going to be doing my first GIVEAWAY soon!  So, please stay tuned for that!  I'll also be announcing this on my twitter, tumblr, and facebook fanpage, so no one will have an excuse not to participate!!  I'm so excited about this, and I hope you all will be, too!  Till next time!


Preview: I'm in love with a monster

Some pictures taken with my cell phone of one of my pieces for the show in July.  I wish I had a better camera, because, as you see, in these three pictures the color already looks ridiculously different.  I'm getting them shot professionally when the whole show is done.
More deets another time--going back to the hunker-down position, will not unfurl until I've got more done.  It's been steady, and I feel good about it.

Thanks for sticking with me, guys.  More soon.