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Let's make beautiful music!!

This started kind of one-dimensionally, but evolved into a much longer post than I had expected, a lot of thoughts in my brain space--if you'd like to read, please continue on, but if not, that's cool--just scroll on through some pictures of what I've been up to, and skip the interjections of my ramble, haha.


I'm going to be honest withchu all--there have been some dark days here in Katieland as of late. There are a lot of big changes and life events popping up in my life wherever I turn, and although you know I'm all for embracing change and evolution and understanding how the ebb and flow of relationships / events / my art / life choices, etc. contributes to my growth as a human...it has been very overwhelming, and I haven't stopped to catch my breath quite yet.

I will say that my art is taking an interesting turn, a more personal dedication and a commitment that I'm just discovering and with the help of my super rad friends I'm starting to refresh my approach and my investment in my personal creative identity.

I've also had some recent adventures as a means of escapism and also a means of re-connection, which has been a great breath of fresh air. I visited the city of Chicago proper for a weekend, hung out with friends I've never met and friends I haven't seen in a very long time. Sampled some delicious eats and drinks in the warm, steamy Chicago air whose sun was not put off by the tall buildings that surround me here in NYC.

The day I returned from Chicago I played assistant to my pal Kendra, painting a mural on the wall of the Nu Hotel in Brooklyn. It was a lot of fun, and although we work together, we've never really communicated with each other as artists outside of work and it was incredibly fulfilling and rad to talk about and create a process of working together that I enjoy with any artist I collaborate with. I also got us some bangin' coffees, I mean, who doesn't want me as their assistant??


My brother also visited for a few days; it was an incredible time! Mostly because of distance as well as our rough childhood/teenagerhood, my brother and I are not close at all and do not share any many interests, so I was a little afraid that he would be bored or we wouldn't have much to talk about, but I was luckily very wrong! 

One of my best friends Iris was in town on vacation the following weekend, but even though I had not had the time to really recover from the weekend with my brother, her presence has always been very calm and welcoming, and it was very therapeutic I think for both of us to be in the company of each other--nothing like being around people who really, truly understand you and can help you figure out things you don't even know about yourself! AND TO EAT EVERYTHING WITH EVER. 

 Luckily, partly to distract myself from some of the less awesome events of late but also to throw myself into a safe, risk-taking place  (if there ever is one), I've been pouring myself into various projects and collaborations that are going to be amazing!! When the going gets tough, the tough get going, as the saying goes. I live in the greatest, most excruciating, most heartbreaking, most move making, funniest, loudest, most thoughtful, most considerate, most beautiful city in the whole goddamn world. I don't understand how people are bored here--there is SO MUCH to be enthused about. How are people not enthusiastic about EVERYTHING?? People ask me sometimes why I'm so excited about every damn thing but for me, it's hard NOT to be.

I was at a doctor's office recently, getting a sonogram of my heart. The doctor made separate recordings of all the different valves of my heart and their individual sounds. I was watching my heart in real time, beating inside me. It is so damn humbling to know, really REALLY know that this little guy beating away, pumping blood through my body involuntarily to me, is what is keeping me alive and up and looking at you and things and breathing and being. He played the recordings back to me and I could hear all the valves at the same time, natural harmonization. My doctor said, "Ah, you hear that? Your heart may be broken, but it still makes beautiful music!"

Hello, life! I am here to make some disgustingly beautiful music!!!

Love love love,


Holy crap, it's 2013!

Well, it appears we've all survived the apocalypse, so, congratulations, humankind!

I spent the last part of 2012 making homemade holiday cards for my friends and family. For some reason, I thought that this would be more time/cost effective than making one and then making a bunch of copies of it. What crack was I smoking.

Still, they were a ton of fun to do, and I haven't worked with markers in a long time. And, it was something that I was doing for myself, which I also haven't really been doing lately.  You can view the rest of them on my flickr.

In 2012, I think I fell into a trap that a lot of other corporate artists I know where we get a little wiped out creatively by our corporate art jobs and don't spend enough time outside of the job being creative. I mean, don't get me wrong--my local librarian has never known me better and my unfinished videogame library is not as massive as it once was. But, yeah. I don't really have "resolutions" per se, but I DO want to be able to make more art for myself, because, like these little silly cards, they DO bring me a lot of happiness in a small, but significant way.

More to come; here's to 2013!


Highs and Lows, and New Beginnings!


It is JUNE (I almost typed "JOON," but that is funny probably only to me, and the little pupster up there), and we are almost halfway through the year.  Holy hell, how time has flown!  So much has changed for me this year, and I put my foot down (to myself) this weekend and decided that I super miss my blogging community, and I am determined to be more active like I was before I made the move to New York.  Hold me to it, readers!!  You'll hear from me twice a week at least.  I have a lot planned for this little blog o' mine!

Most of you are here for the art updates, of which there will certainly be plenty, I promise!!  But, if you're nosy like me, there is a lot more to me than my job, and I hope you'll go on some other adventures with me, that I'm gearing up to start documenting here on the blog!

In the works is:

+ Confessions of a Still Maybe Kinda Goth: For those that know me, I dress in black, and have dressed in all black since I was probably ten years old.  It really isn't because I'm "goth" or whatever mainstream term indicates...I just really like wearing black!!  However, I'm realizing that I don't want to seem like I'm "in mourning" all the time, so I'm going to try to at least document some forays into wearing other colors, as well as prove that, as a plus-sized lady, we can also have tons of style!!  IT DOESN'T STOP AT SIZE SIX, AMERICA.  I already have the first couple planned, and the pictures are sort of hilarious.  I can't wait to share!

+ Food Adventures--The Best Kind of Adventure: I LOVE FOOD.  Now that I'm in New York, I eat out all the time, and have managed to find some awesome places to eat that I'd love to share with you all.  However, this also means that I do not cook very often.  At all.  I've never been more than an oatmeal in the morning type girl.  Even making coffee in the morning is sometimes confusing (granted, it is the morning, and it is a French Press, so I deserve a little break, right??).  BUT! I have resolved to start cooking more, and by "cooking" I do mean more than peanut butter toast.  My first cooking adventure was Korean Zucchini pancakes, and when I blog about it, I'll let you be the judge if it was a success, or a fail.  I'm still undecided!

+ Internet Treasure: My good friend Annie and I have been traveling to comic cons together for almost seven years (holy shit), and we joke about how, before the days of tumblr and pinterest, we each had a folder on our harddrive labeled "Fun."  In our fun folders was just collections of all the internet GOLD we'd stumble upon online.  So, every Friday, I'll unleash all the useless internet stuff I've collected over the past ten years--animated GIFs, songs I like, videos I like, anything, really.  I hope you all find something to put in your fun folders, too!! (If you're ancient like me, you STILL have a fun folder, ahaha)

I think these posts are all super fun, and what I like to read about on all the blogs that I love! I'll still regularly blog about what's happening with me in the art world.  In fact, here are some things I've been working on:


We are just dipping our toes into Fall/Winter of 2012, so things are just starting to get busy again.  However, with the way my life goes, when am I ever not running around like my ass is on fire??  

To add more to my plate, I received an amazing moleskine notebook from Kevin at The Robot, Monster and Ghost Co, and I've been doing some pen and ink happy drawings in it whenever I can spare the chance.  Here are the first two pages--as I'll add more, they can be found in the "doodles" section of my gallery!

I finally got around to painting an accent wall in my apartment, in the living room, which I've been meaning to do for, oh, two months. >.<  I'm not totally ready for THE BIG REVEAL, but here is a little shot of my new favorite corner:

Yellow is one of my favorite colors!  Joon seem satisfied.  Ah, the more I look at this room, the more apparent my old lady grandma preferences become.

Speaking of grandparents, it is on to some of the lows of the past couple of weeks, starting with the death of my last grandparent, my grandfather Carl Henry Winter.  It was incredibly sad to lose him, and two days before my birthday, no less.  We had a funeral for him on Long Island, and he was buried with my grandmother who passed when I was thirteen years old.  He was a remarkable man who lived for ninety-five long, awesome years!!  I will always remember going to his house as a youngster to play in the basement with hammers and nails in his workshop (looking back on this--notttt the safest, ahaha), and coming back home to NC as an adult and cutting his hair (what was left of it!) at the kitchen table.  

This was the last card I ever received from him, that I found when I was moving.  It sums him up kind of perfectly--this was right after I had taken the leap to go freelance last year:

"Go get them," so cute, right??  The last time I saw him was right after I moved to New York, and he was so, so happy that I was doing what I wanted, and "making a name for myself," as he put it.  I hope I do him proud!

Going to run for now, but I'll be back this week with another blog!  I've gotta "go get them" he he he!!


Monsters Show in Photos + Sudden Busytimes

OH GOOD EVENING MORNING, INTERNET-FRIENDS!  The current time is 6:06AM, and while normal folks have been sound asleep with nary a worry in their clever little heads, I have been awake and assaulting my eyes with florescent colors and patterns and trying to convince myself that although I am not good at math I CAN still count, even though I have CAUSED A SEVERE PROBLEM made a slight miscalculation resulting in about 6 hours of fixing mistakes that may or may not be my fault.  SO.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF THIS ENTRY IS SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC AND FEEL AND/OR ABUSES THE CAPSLOCK.


Because I know you just love photos with captions, I'm here to deliver you with some ace descriptions of fancy!times here at the Kai Lin Art gallery.  HERE IS THE GALLERY WINDOW.  IT IS LIKE YOU WERE THERE, INTERNET-FRIENDS! 

Here are some general pictures of the beautiful / spacious / fantastic-and-perfectly-suitable-also-for-parties-and-receptions gallery itself (I will say right now that all fish-eye lensed pictures are courtesy of 944.com who were gracious enough to photograph the event for those of us without cameras, and by "us," I mean "me.") before it got super-crowded.  And you may be asking, "Oh, Katie, what are you talking about you narcissistic fool, that looks pretty crowded to me, what are you talking about."

But internet-friends, YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

 BECAUSE THIS IS WHEN IT GOT CROWDED.  We had a really amazing turnout of over 500 people I am told, and THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE IN ONE SPACE.  If you cannot tell, we are also all of equal shinyness and glossiness, because in spite of Shelley (gallery assistant / tumblr lover of my life) informing me that the thermostat was set at fifty, I was under the impression that we were suddenly on a tropical island and/or my grandparents house on Long Island 15 years ago where relief from the heat could only be sought from a 65 year old ceiling fan permanently set on "low." 

ANYWAY.  Many, MANY people I knew were in attendance, of which was all a pleasant surprise that warmed my tiny, frigid heart.  OH FRIENDS, YOU MAKE MY STONE-COLD GANGSTA KILLAH IDENTITY A MERE FACADE.


Shelley, gallery assistant of your dreams.  With my hand in a slightly awkward position, OH HO HO, SHELLEY, WATCH OUT FOR THIS LADY KILLER.


Dante DeStefano, who is posed in front of one of her fantastic pieces in the show, I believe showed up in 80% of the photos taken of the night. I mean, who wouldn't want to get their picture taken with her?  In a yeti-hat?  THE CHOICE IS OBVIOUS, DUH.  I believe over the duration of the three hours we were in attendance, Dante completed approximately 900 laps around the gallery, hustle-hustlin'!  GO GO DANTE.

The couple on the right (Sorry, couple on the left, I have NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE) is Mr. Jason Hawkins and his WONDERFUL X INFINITY WIFE, BRITTANY.  I have admired Jason's work since we were in school together and his wife started making me baked goods to eat on numerous occasions.  Jason's oil paintings are outstanding.


Anne Elser was my bookmaking instructor, and my burrito-friend.  SHE IS SO WONDERFUL AND HAS ALSO HELPED ME LEARN THE SKILLS TO MAKE MY CHRISTMASES BEAUTIFUL AND THRIFTY.  Anne provided our lovely nametags for the show, and I was glad to be able to talk to her for a little bit.

THESE ARE SOME NEW FRIENDS, WHO I AM HOPING VERY MUCH SO THAT THEY BECOME MY INTERNET-FRIENDS.  <3 <3 <3  These two kind fellows (OH, WHAT A TIME TO BE HORRIBLE WITH NAMES.  I BELIEVE ONE OF YOU IS DAVID.  I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON, SORRY, NEW FRIENDS) talked to me for a little bit about my paintings and were generally a pleasure to speak with.  This was right before there was a flood of five billion people coming into the gallery and before my anxiety truly spiked.  GOOD TIMING.


The photographers at this event took 23094820389423 pictures of my two old neighbors and friends Kari and Derry (RHYMING NAMED COUPLE, ADORBZ) who were kind enough to make it out to the gallery to see me and try to steal the MacBookPro (just kidding).  AREN'T THEY CUTE, INTERNET-LAND?!?

My dad was also in attendance at the gallery!  CAN'T YOU SEE THE RESEMBLENCE.  The dad of the great Katie Lee Grosskopf drove all the way from North Carolina just to see me. FOR ME.  <3  THANKS, DAD.

Here, we stumble upon the greatest picture in the history of pictures.  For this picture, Gary Weiss is actually smiling and wearing a not-red-or-navy-blue-or-grey shirt, and my best pal Mike is wearing not-holey-jeans, and the three of us are together!  In the gallery!  Together!  Ah, words can't describe how happy I am that we somehow found our way into a picture together.  WE ARE SUCH TWEW FWENDZ.

OH, MY GOD, THAT WAS A LOT OF PICTURES.  I've probably lost half of you by now (so...only one reader left, oh ho ho) but if you made it to here, I congratulate you, and assure you that this is the last you'll hear of this show.  I know I've been hyping it for weeks now, but now that it's off my mind, the plan is to sleep for the next 4 days.

But, these plans are foiled!  Because, now that I've gone from a working-at-an-office type person to a working-from-my-comfortable-home-in-underwears type person, I have suddenly hit a point where I am up to my neck in work and jobs are coming in and, like the great Mary Tyler Moore said, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT AFTER ALL.  One of the jobs is fairly full-time freelance work which is on my mind 75% of the time, the other 25% being smaller jobs here and there.  SO, THAT PLAN TO SLEEP FOR FOUR DAYS IS SADLY LOST TO THE WIND, but will hopefully fly back in my face in the guise of a paycheck.  THINGS ARE COMING UP KATIE.

Right after I completed the gallery pieces a couple of weeks ago, I hit kind of an art-burnout stage, and to warm my artist-muscles back up again, I've been completing the 30 Day Drawing Challenge as posted on my tumblr / facebook fan page / wherever the hell else I am on the internet.  Here are the first batch of drawings!  I'll be posting them in groups so I'm not bombarding you every day with random 1-2 hr little drawings.


01 - Self Portrait


02 - Imaginary Friend

03 - Most Recent Dream

04 - Re-design a Book Cover








Pre-con Madness Begins!

Happy Monday!  This is Katie on 2 hours of sleep, 3 cups of coffee in.  My body can't decide if it's hot or cold, I have to consciously think about blinking, and the impending to-do list of these precious few days before my trip to Animazement this weekend is screaming in my brain, aka, the hollow space between my ears that has manifested due to slipping into an alternate reality called "Lack-of-Sleep."

Most of you know I've had a problem with sleep for the past year or so.  I've tried just about everything, trust me.  Fortunately, this means I can do a lot of art over a weekend.  I had intended to make a blog happen at some point on Friday.  I'm not sure how all this works.  How often do people blog?  How often do you guys actually want to hear from me?  Questions, questions.

Anyway, me and Joon are venturing to North Carolina this weekend for Animazement, my most favorite convention.  The staff is always so friendly, and the new Raleigh Convention Center is a perfect new home for this convention that has gone from like, 50 forty-year olds (and me, ohhhhh noooooo) to over 4,000 people!  ALSO, ALSO, it is like reunion times for me and my repeat customers, my artist friends, my friends I met when I was sort of in the j-rock industry, and just friends.  Animazement is a pile of friends!  WHAT COULD BE BETTER, I ASK!?!?

So, here's some art I popped out over the weekend.  More to come, even!




That's all for today!  I'm gonna go sneak a nap.