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Well, y'all, this year has been, shall, we say...a dumpster fire.

If we're being totally honest, it's been a bit difficult on my heart. 2016, you've been a real asshole, and I'm ready to say good-bye to you.

I've been keeping my head down and busting through some projects--continuing to do so through the rest of the year. They're both sequential projects, which I haven't come back to in some time. One is with the incomparably talented writer Nicole DeGennaro, a stand-alone story. The other is a bit of a personal project I've been meaning to work on for a long time. 

Sort of a series of stories centered around my experiences as a transracial adoptee. It's been a way for me to work through some of my own feelings around my experiences and translating them to a format I'd also like to develop. It's been an organic process. Like I said, keeping my head down and working, working. Excited to share more as it develops.

Who else can't wait for this damn year to be over? 

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