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Goin' (x2) back (x2) to Cali (x2)

Los Angeles this year was super rad, and I cannot express how thankful I am that I got to spend all the time that I did with my amazing, talented friends, old and new!! AX was fun this year and we took a lot of time outside the con to run around and eat everything we saw, as usual, THAT'S WHAT'S UP, LA!!!  For everyone who stopped on by to see us, bought something from us, or had a good ol' fashioned chit chat transaction, I am grateful you did that and we'll be back for more friendly hijinks next year!

Picspam, ahoy...

Photo credit props to Iris Chen and Nina Yap, who were both vigilant with their cameras while I sat around with my camera doing absolutely nothing, as usual. WORST PICTURE TAKER EVER.

Anyway, I MISS YOU CALIFORNIA AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL WEATHER I AM ROASTING IN MY APARTMENT RIGHT NOW AS IN MY SKIN IS PEELING OFF MAYBE. This is my last big trip for awhile; I can't wait to stay home and kick it with Joon and make some beautiful art!! I have two huge projects that are underway and some badass collaborations in the works. Every day I remind myself how gat damn lucky I am, I really, really am.



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